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Migrate Google Workspace to Microsoft 365 with MigrationWiz

The use of toolsets to perform all kinds of work in IT has long been a valuable exercise. From as way back as I can remember, there were always these essential kits that we would carry around to help us do our job easier and more efficiently. Much is true in the Cloud today, as there are definitely ways to perform tasks with the ‘Free’ native tools. Indeed I use these tools frequently when the time is right, but it is often worth weighing up if the extra effort and process needed around these is worth it. Sometimes it isn’t, especially when you need to include others and wish to hand off processes and tasks to a team that may not have the skillset to operate PowerShell as fluently.

This is where tools like MigrationWiz comes in, filling that gap very nicely. In this video I take a migration of Google Workspace into Microsoft 365 and perform the migration with the BitTitan MigrationWiz toolset. Showing you through each of the following steps.

  • Exporting of Userlists out of Google
  • Creation of a Migration Spreadsheet
  • Importing Users into Microsoft 365 and licensing
  • Setting up the Project in Migration Wiz
  • Preparing the Google Workspace environment to allow migration
  • Setting up the Microsoft 365 to receive data and configure the permission required
  • Performing the credential checks and the migration tests
  • Looking at the advanced options around a migration of this sort
  • Explaining the fundamentals around Pre-Stage and Full Migration techniques
  • Perform the Pre-Migration
  • Showing the effect on the M365 mailbox as the migration starts
  • Perform the cutover of the MX records
  • Show the DNS tracker in the Worlds DNS servers
  • Perform the Full Migration
  • Confirm the data is over for Mail, Calendar and Contacts

You will see that in some areas of the migration, there is still a need to have good solid knowledge of the technical workings of both Google and Microsoft, but the actual migrations themselves can be handed off to others. It’s the setup and configuration that requires the most work.

Here is the video showing everything, please let me know what you think or if you have any migration questions as I am always happy to help out.

Update – 30 December 2022

In the video I make reference to some PowerShell code to create the users and to provision the users in Microsoft 365. Here is the ‘Excel’ formula that creates the users and can provision the OneDrive’s.

="new-msoluser -displayname """ & A2 & " " & B2 & """ -firstname """ & A2 & """ -lastname """ & B2 & """ -userprincipalname """ & C2 & """ -usagelocation US -licenseassignment tcge5demo:DEVELOPERPACK_E5"

When you put those in the spreadsheet that you created in the video by downloading the user list from Google, in column ‘K’, it will end up creating the PowerShell command that looks something like this.

new-msoluser -displayname "Ellie Fredricksen" -firstname "Ellie" -lastname "Fredricksen" -userprincipalname "[email protected]" -usagelocation US -licenseassignment tcge5demo:DEVELOPERPACK_E5

And in column L, the OneDrive provision formula

="Request-SPOPersonalSite -UserEmails """ & C2 & """"

This will create the code that looks like this

Request-SPOPersonalSite -UserEmails "[email protected]"

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Lastly, the BitTitan MigrationWiz product can be found here.

Have an awesome day everybody,


Mark Rochester
Mark Rochester
Mark currently works in the cloud space assisting large companies to migrate from either on premises to the cloud, or cloud to cloud. His experience with Enterprise migrations spans more than 25 years which basically makes him old. However, with all the oldness creeping up he still finds technology massively exciting. Please reach out for a chat anytime you would like. :-)

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