Wednesday, November 29, 2023


Introducing CloudOCM

The most common questions in migrations with Microsoft 365 is always this..... "Do you have any email templates for the communications?" "What can we use to train our users on things like Teams or OneDrive?" or "Not sure what to send out and when, can you help with that?" So, that's why CloudOCM was born. It is a full OCM Guide, and contains: * Full OCM Guide on Communications* OCM Tracks showing different types of migration and what to send* Email Templates to use to send communications to your userbase* Video Training series with links to training that you can embed in your communications Basically, it is the answer to the entire OCM strategy for communications and video based training, all in one place. Have a look - Here is an example of the content you expect in there. This shows the first track, of a Google to Microsoft 365 migration with a full cutover, no coexistence. It lists...

Office 365

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Well that's a pretty boring title and an even more boring name for a script. However the output is definitely not boring as it...

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